Bringing Royalty Streaming to the Blockchain

A flexible financing solution for crypto miners.
Providing investors structured exposure to crypto.

An attractive financing solution for cryptocurrency mining companies

Difficulties funding growth

Crypto remains a new sector with less available sources of capital, which are typically expensive.

Current financings are slow & expensive

Raising debt or equity can be a slow process, with miners unable to fund new hardware at short notice.

Limited public crypto companies

Investing in the crypto sector can be difficult for investors with limited listed & structured investment opportunities available.


Fund your crypto mining operations

Increase funding speed

Miners need to be able to act fast. Royalty streaming allows you to get funded in as little as 4-8 weeks.

Minimize shareholder dilution

Royalty streaming allows you to fund your crypto mining without diluting your equity ownership.

Flexible financing

Avoid paying high interest rates at a fixed price. Repayments are based only on your mining yields.


Diversify your crypto portfolio

Reduced downside volatility

ASIC seeks to create structured investments which provide downside protection to volatility in crypto pricing.

Structured & diversified exposure

Unlike ETPs, royalty streams allow investors to have structured exposure to multiple cryptocurrencies simultaneously.

No capital or operating cost exposure

Contrary to miners, royalty streams are not typically exposed to the operating cost or capital cost of the hardware.

How crypto mining royalty streaming works



To expand the mining operations, a miner requires additional funding. To ensure flexibility and sharing of the risk, the miner sets up a royalty stream with ASIC Power and receives upfront capital to purchase the machines.



ASIC Power helps the miner get access to the hardware suppliers and assists in increasing their mining productivity. 


Harvest your ROI

Once the ASIC miners are installed the mining operation commence. 



The royalty owner receives a predetermined percentage of the revenue from the miner (i.e. the mined cryptos).

Latest News

Leadership Team

Stephen Otter

President & CEO

10 years of investment banking in London

7 years of royalty & streaming experience having originated and deployed capital on behalf of US Private Equity  

Advises companies and high net worths on their growth & investment strategies

Wouter Witvoet

Board Member

Co-Founder ASIC Power

Co-Founder & CEO of DeFi Technologies

Founder & Chairman of Secfi (raised $600m)

World Economic Forum Global Shaper
University of Cambridge

Daniel Novak


Co-Founder ASIC Power

Chairman & Portfolio Manager at Schindler AM Hydra AG

Strategic Partner at SchindlerAM Ventures

7 years of experience in Asset Management and Financial Markets

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