Bringing Royalty Streaming
to the Blockchain

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Our Mission

We provide state-of-the-art ASIC technology and royalty streaming financing to the cryptocurrency mining industry.

How It Works

Royalty Streaming Financing

ASIC Power serves as a specialized financier that helps fund mining operations for growing cryptocurrency mining companies. In return, we receive a revenue share on the mined cryptocurrencies, or rights to a "stream", an agreed-upon amount of digital asset at a prior defined discount.

ASIC Technology

ASIC Power has access to state-of-the-art ASIC chips, thereby reducing dependency of other suppliers who have had supply chain issues in recent months.

An Attractive Financing Option
for Cryptocurrency Mining Companies

Royalties provide mining companies with an alternative form of financing. Rather than accumulate traditional debt that has restrictive covenants, or issue equity that dilutes shareholder value, a royalty contract provides cryptocurrency mining companies with the capital they require without the need to pay it back until production begins.

No Dilution

Fast Execution

Why DeFi is the
Future of Finance

Let's drive innovation further

Completely transparent

Through the use of blockchain technology, all transactions are publicly visible, tamper proof and verifiable by everyone. Removing the need to trust in any 3rd party.

Free of intermediaries

Every interaction between two parties is based on a smart contract. A Smart Contact is codified law which makes it interoperable, self-executing and permissionless, eliminating the need for intermediaries that charge fees and slow down processes.

Open for everyone

People from anywhere in the world can participate in this new financial system. All you need is an internet connection. DeFi is non-custodial so you have full control over your assets and can use them whenever you want.

Hands-On Experience

DeFi Holdings are people with hands-on pioneering experience in crypto, banking and finance.

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The Three
Investment Pillars

How we generate returns


Equity and token investments into the growing DeFi landscape of protocols, currencies and companies, to give investors exposure to this asset class.


Invest and incubate in a portfolio of companies accelerating the innovation of DeFi.


Have an actively managed portfolio of DeFi assets & build in house accounting standard (DF-20) for auditing of assets and algorithmic trading tools.


DeFi Holdings are people with hands-on pioneering experience in crypto, banking and finance.

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How a Crypto Royalty Works

A crypto royalty is contract that gives the owner (ASIC Power) the right to a percentage of crypto token production or revenue in exchange for an upfront payment. A datacenter operator can use such a contract as a way to finance his datacenter expansion or the purchase of ASICs. This alternate form of financing is often more attractive than issuing equity or traditional debt.

Royalty deal are an beneficial way of obtaining financing to expand production. The key lies in the fact that ASIC Power is able to provide a source of capital beyond having to rely on banks or equity financing. 2